What is Machine Learning and How Is It Changing our World?

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If you read our recent blog post, “Machine Learning Applied to Project Management“, you probably have a good understanding of what machine learning is and how it can be applied to different areas at work.

What are some machine learning trends to watch for in 2019 and how is this affecting people’s day-to-day? Here are a few trends to keep your eye on!


Data Science … But Not Just That

As predicted in this Forbes article, in 2018 one of the biggest trends to watch out for was machine learning in data science. “As data science becomes mainstream, DevOps for data science becomes more important. 2018 will witness mature and streamlined DevOps processes exclusively defined for data science”.

Even if you’re not in data science, you should know that being able to integrate different skills to form a more complete skillset is something that machine learning is able to provide now and will only improve in years to come.

Anyone who only has a minimal understanding of something (think of a web developer who’s not great at content, or a graphic designer who’s not great at web) will benefit from this technology.


Transparency in Decision-Making

Analytics Insights explains that “Machine learning through predictive models brings transparency in decision-making in the multitude of domains. Machine learning is an effective tool in transparent decision-making where laws and regulations (for example in HR operations treating job applications equally without consideration of age, gender, religion, caste, creed, color, etc.) come into the picture”.

This will not only make processes easier for executives, but it will also strengthen relationships within organizations and will redefine the way we do business. No matter your employment level, this is definitely something to look forward to!

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With an increase in technology and the amount of online users in the world, security also has become a growing concern. Think about this: how much of your information is online and how much would it hurt you if it got stolen? Here’s when machine learning can make a difference.

Machine learning is a great way of protection against cyber attacks due to its ability to adapt. When deployed by cybersecurity firms, it can increase the level of security and avoid data breaches and stolen information.

However, this process can also be used for harm by potential hackers, resulting in stronger attacks, so it’s important for firms to implement it early and stay one step ahead.


So do Soft Skills Still Matter?

Thinking that machine learning and other technologies can replace your position is a fear many workers have. However, think of all the soft skills that a computer could never develop. Here are a few you should be working on:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Work Ethic
  • Flexibility/Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Skills

To have a successful team you must have a combination of the right technology that will keep your company moving forward, and employees with the right soft skills that will make your organization an enjoyable, creative place where people will want to work.


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