What does a Digital Project Manager do?

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Now that projects, activities and businesses are online, even who manage them needs to do the same. Project Managers changed their “analogic” approach with latest technological novelties: Collaboration softwares, Cloud system for files archiving and remote teamwork methodologies. Are new skills necessary? Did work methods change? Let’s answer in this article!


What’s the Digital Project Manager role

The goal of this figure is to develop online projects from sketching to delivery, managing resources and activities. It could sound like what was done until now! What changed is the operative context. Work teams could be in different countries, the project itself could be about creating a digital community and so on. Planning, monitoring and analysis are still necessary parts of a Digital Project Manager work: stakeholders and customers continue to be interested in projects’ ROI! But now the tools used are better.


The necessary skills

A Digital Project Manager usually speaks with both clients and collaborators. In addition to relational qualities, he or she needs to have great management and organizational skills. Some usual tasks are planning activities and leading team members while they complete their work. But it’s also necessary to program and manage business meetings! And he or she also have to constantly monitor results and keep clients informed through periodic reports.


The right tools

Digital world, digital tools! Have you ever received a lot of emails from team members that needed a certain document or information? Cloud systems really solved the problem. Giving full access to files for all members of a project, you avoid delays due to information not transmitted. Furthermore, having all the documentation available allows everyone to know what his or her role is and the tasks to accomplish.

Project Management softwares, in addition to documents sections, include intuitive calendars for planning. In case of illness or holidays, you can easily reassign tasks to avoid delays. But you can also verify if you can afford waiting to have your resource back without issues, using Gannt diagrams. A very useful aspect of softwares used by Digital Project Managers is that you can stay up-to-date with the status of every task in real time.


Did you already bring your work into digital era? What changes did you face? Tell us in comments below!

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