Get things done

You’re busy, often finalizing multiple projects at a time, attending meetings, and planning research. Kimonus is your one-stop-shop for your entire work day.

A project from scratch.

When you have a heavy workload and find yourself starting new projects almost daily, Kimonus® can simplify your life and reduce the time it takes to get started.

If you don’t define correctly from the beginning what the project should accomplish, the rest of your team (or project stakeholders) won’t be aligned with your goals. Kimonus® is the best tool to make sure your projects are set up properly from the beginning, saving you a ton of time!

Automate projects with templates.


Automation isn’t just about saving time–it helps you set standards for your common projects and tasks in order to monitor and track your organization’s actual productivity. When you manage a small project or a small team it might be easy to remember common tasks. As soon as your work starts to become more complex, there’s nothing better than organizing everything following globally-accepted best practices for project management and monitoring.

Categorize everything.

Let Kimonus® help you track everything by using customizable tags, categories, and typologies. When you need to find something, you’ll be able to search with ease based on a number of options. We’ve all found ourselves rushing to get something done without thinking of the consequences–especially with tight deadlines and demanding projects!

How many times have you found yourself working on projects that are similar? It’s easy to get confused and work on the wrong project or send a document to the wrong department. By letting the Kimonus® platform work for you, you’ll get the right information to the right stakeholders, at the right time.

Il tempo è una risorsa preziosa che il tuo business può utilizzare.

Plan activities.

A little planning goes a long way towards your success. Behind a good plan, there is a lot of work. You’ll need to define stakeholders and responsible team members, leading towards a responsibility matrix.

In Kimonus®, you can prioritize projects and activities for your team and define possible solutions for critical paths.

Schedule your tasks.

Now that you have taken the time to define responsibilities and major activities it’s time to schedule your team’s tasks. Most of the time we skip this scheduling phase feeling we can “save time.” That’s simply not true.

Remember: you can only control what you can define! Kimonus® can automate task management and hold your team accountable by syncing tasks to your preferred calendar and email platform. Simple and fast!

Intelligent Dashboards.

Everyone wants to see different insights or levels of information. This is not only due to different job roles, but also because every company should be a self-sufficient environment.

To answer customers’ questions that get asked repeatedly, we developed a 100% customizable, intelligent dashboard that will allow you to create the views, insights, and reports you need. Based on your industry and role, you can start with a basic dashboard (included) that you can enhance as you like with multiple widgets and data sources. This is only the beginning of Kimonus® and our quest to empower your decision-making processes.

Actually get things done.

We all know how complex it can be to track activities and understand whether you’re actually reaching your desired outcomes and meeting your deadlines. But there’s nothing less productive than wasting time moving bars or activities with other project management tools. That’s why we created an all-in-one Gantt view that will help you track activities, goals, milestones, communications, and documents–basically everything you need!

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