kimonus® for marketing

When your time is filled with meetings, content creation, campaigns, and deadlines, the last thing you need is another distraction. Let Kimonus organize your work for you.

From your marketing plan to the execution.

Marketing is one of the most complex scenarios to automate because you need to manage both long-term projects with big milestones and small, recurrent activities.

This dualism doesn’t help to find the right balance. If you try to manage micro-task, you can risk losing the focus on the long-term vision and vice-versa. Kimonus® is the answer: you can define the main goals to achieve completing some activities by delegating responsibilities and everyone will be in charge of managing his own time. Remember to keep your team align with regular follow-ups. If everyone uses Kimonus® you can save tons of time on face to face meeting!

Automate activities.

Many times marketing projects start from the same root. That’s why with Kimonu® templates you can save a lot of time and more than that avoid mistakes.

You can set up standard projects and tasks to be sure to stay on track. Remember to focus your attention on who is in charge of what and how you can help them to reach goals. The result is to help you to delegate more tasks and activities. If you are in charge of managing the project you can use your time to define the steps that probably you can replicate in the future. During the time this small work can become your knowledge base.

Track what your team is creating – not how many hours they work.

A common mistake is to think that a collaboration platform is only a time tracking tool. Yes, Kimonus® can help you track time, but even more critical: reaching goals! Time tracking is a natural result of good management.

If you plan your project properly, defining goals, stakeholders, and responsibilities for each event and task, Kimonus® will no doubt become a tool that empowers your entire team to collaborate intelligently and soar past your goals!

Find your files and emails.

It’s beautiful to work together on the same project but as soon as we start to deal with due dates and different personalities we start to feel the need of a common container to store everything. With Kimonus® is very simple to collaborate better.

When you’re part of a project you can see all the emails and documents categorized without losing anything. Send emails directly from a project and you’ll see how Kimonus® can automate your job. You can also split every attachment or text email to a different container (project) with a click.

Digital interaction with your customer.

One of the most significant time wasters is email! We spend a large portion of our time checking emails, replying to emails, and scheduling face-to-face meetings with stakeholders. This means that we don’t have much time to follow up on customer needs directly. Kimonus® Process Intelligence allows you to create your own forms and publish landing pages to automate pieces of your work.

For example, if you repeatedly request similar information from your customers, instead of writing an individual email requesting documents or information you can create a new form with different questions and publish it on a public page. Every time your customer interacts with it your team will receive notifications and tasks to do. You can track them and organize responsibilities, but you don’t need to tag or archive emails, forward information or worse: lose part of the thread.

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