Kimonus® for Managers

You have a team working with you to make sure your objectives are reached. Kimonus can help you with the information you need, when you need it.

Intelligent Insights.

Kimonus® just introduced a new concept of an intelligent dashboard for managers that will help you to create views and insights based on your real needs. For example, if you need to report data to the board of directors for sure you want to see a high-level report of goals reached and time spent. But if some hours later you need to align your team by giving them new goals or projects you want to be able to dig into the data. Because we cannot have the perfect dashboard for everyone, we decided to let you create your own. This is the first step to a new way to empower your decision-making processes.

Personal Assistant.

Being a manager is stressful not only for the responsibility but also for the number of meeting, phone calls and reports to management. Sometimes you start to work when most of your colleagues leave the office.

Kimonus® can be your digital assistant. Instead of spending hours with face to face meetings you can know exactly what is happening and use better your time to align your team or put on track projects that are not reaching the goals. Because we come from real working experience, we know that a tool is never enough and that’s why we are helping our customers with specific training activities.

Time tracking.

When you have taken the time to define responsibilities and major activities it’s time to schedule your team’s tasks. Most of the time we skip this scheduling phase feeling we can “save time.” That’s simply not true.

Remember: you can only control what you can define! Kimonus® can automate task management and hold your team accountable by syncing tasks to your preferred calendar and email platform. Simple and fast!

Save time, automate processes.

We all know how complex it can be to track activities and understand whether you’re actually reaching your desired outcomes and meeting your deadlines. But there’s nothing less productive than wasting time moving bars or activities with other project management tools. That’s why we created an all-in-one Gantt view that will help you track activities, goals, milestones, communications, and documents–basically everything you need!

Document management.

Collaboration is not only sharing emails or a post and when your company is not small anymore, but you also need enterprise features. Kimonus® allow you to define exactly who will have access to what. We want to be sure your information is safe. When you upload a document, Kimonus® automatically categorize it using encrypted storage. Only you and who can have access to the file can download, share or edit. You can also add versions to the document with a single drag and drop action. Eventually, you want to search for something, but you don’t remember a lot. Don’t worry, Kimonus® provide a fantastic search bar google style to find everything in a second.

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