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You need solutions that can reduce company cost and improve the productivity of the business. Kimonus can work in virtually every department, saving you time and money.

Take everyone onboard.

With Kimonus® we want to help you to share project management best practices all around the company. Is essential that what you’re doing as IT department can be shared with other stakeholders and groups. Something that companies are still missing is methodologies.

Is right to be focused on the task and goal tracking but that’s not everything you need. You can be a fundamental actor of this change.


After you automate your workflow, you can start to track what your resources are doing. Insights are the basis to improve your daily routine. Instead of wasting time with face-to-face meeting asking them what are they doing, you can check from your custom dashboard how is going. Powerful insights help you to save much time!

Project Templates.


There are many projects that we can define recurrent like a Network assessment, Infrastructure Development, IT Audit and many other.

Standardizing projects and activities, you can track your organization’s productivity, and it is simple to understand how many resources you need to do something because you can use historical data to improve your future work.

Simplify processes (for real!).

As IT you’re part of process automation, is one of your primary goals. Also, Kimonus® can be your right harm to simplify activities and reduce the time spentWe like to say “for real” because is so simple to create a new workflow and reiterate it that is like to play with a game.

You can help every department digitalizing their repetitive tasks with Kimonus®. Is very simple: you create a new workflow, you define the security level and a private or public web page. After that, you can start to create questions and possible answers with a graphical composer that help you to create a real flow.

You can add document upload, contracts auto-fill, single or multiple choices, open answers, and many other features. Now you have your workflow automated in 5 minutes.

Help other departments.

Being part of the IT department can give you the power to be part of your company’s innovation success. One of the most important things is to understand how to use project management and best practices in a way that is beneficial for your entire organization.

Many see Project Management as a complex world but merely because they don’t know what it is. If you use Kimonus® to show to every department what you’re doing for them or to the board some insights to share what your team is doing, they’ll appreciate, and they evaluate more your job.

Ticketing Management integrations.

Every IT Department needs to manage tickets and change requests from different offices. You can simplify your job using Kimonus® as a unique platform to integrate different aspects. Every ticket can be translated in a task and tracked in inside a project. Jira and Euclide® integration will allow you to use your ITIL framework across different departments without losing information, and also you’ll finally track the time spent on your resources.

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