kimonus® for HR

Between interviews, new employees, payroll, and everything else, you have a lot on your plate. Kimonus can ease your day-to-day by automating tedious processes.

HR processes made simple.

In your department, there are many processes we can automate and simplify.

Onboarding, hiring, transfer, a closing contract, updated employee tax and benefit documents…the list goes on. Whenever you need to handle your HR projects, Kimonus® can be your “superpower,” automating every step along the way.

Document (and standardize) your processes.

Before you can ever automate a process, it is essential that you can describe your processes. With Kimonus® this is so simple that in minutes you’ll be ready.

Why is it so important to define every step of your process? Because you can’t replicate or scale a process if you don’t know what happens next.

As your team grows, the time you’ll have to spend with each new member shrinks. Kimonus® allows you to document your processes.  Following the steps, novice employees can’t make mistakes and, more importantly, you can track every single task as it is completed.

Stop blasting emails.

Instead of taking the time to send an email to every person in every department that is affected by one of your activities (e.g., when you’re hiring someone, and the IT department needs to provide devices and/or software) it’s better if you work behind the scenes following the model you created with Kimonus®. Every stakeholder will automatically receive notifications following the security and compliance rules that you defined.

Automate and control.

The rule is simple: if you can define a process you can also automate it, and if you can automate it, you can control it. Those two aspects are a game changer in the complex environment of a large organization, especially with fast growth. It seems impossible to automate activities when the company is changing continuously, but that’s why we created Kimonus®. If part of the process changes, you can edit and customize the new process with a couple of clicks–making everything so simple you’ll forget your complex legacy systems.

Contract and form management.

We recently added a feature that allows you to fill contracts online, in real-time, with Kimonus®. You can upload your blank contract as a PDF file and easily match the fields that you need to fill with a self-service form. This works well with employment contracts,  letters of intent, client intake forms, or any other standardized forms you may use. Interaction is so fast between you, your employees, or external users that you can literally save hours every week.

Change your company culture.

Most of the companies we’ve met think that their primary challenge is to implement a new platform that will require new habits. Kimonus® can be the support system that will help you introduce new techniques and methodologies that can help you redefine your company culture.

One of the most important things is to understand how to use project management best practices in a way that is beneficial for your entire organization.


In most cases, your HR department manages sensitive data. To avoid any risks with this,  you can manage an Access Control List in Kimonus® to determine who can see what information. Only you or someone that you delegate can have access to this custom dashboard. Is also important to know that every single document can be encrypted using a specific repository.


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