kimonus® for Executives

In order to make the right decisions regarding your company’s future, you need the right insights at the right time. Kimonus dashboards show you the big picture.

Powerful insights.

Your company needs you to be able to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Your strategy is driven by your vision, and the execution of that strategy is taken care of by your team. Whenever you need to know what’s going on, Kimonus® can be your “superpower,” providing you the relevant insights to the inner workings of your company, in sync with your role and expectations.

Standardized processes to drive your company forward.

The first step to standardize something is to really know how it works. But enterprise software, like BPM, are often complex and require a lot of knowledge. Kimonus®, on the opposite side, is so simple to use that describing the new process you can directly automate it. We worked hard to create a workflow modeler that doesn’t require special skills.

If you know which goal you want to achieve and you’re able to describe the flow it’s done. Automation comes automatically fand is very simple to understand when you start to share those workflows all around the company. Everyone will know exactly what to do!

Reduce the noise.

Instead of having to read tedious emails from every department head that is responsible for relevant projects, be the executive you need to be, with the insights you need on your Company Intelligence dashboard, when you need them, following the procedures you defined with Kimonus®. You’ll see the overall progress for your strategic initiatives, and not have to get bogged down in the rest.

Drive the boat.

Align stakeholders on new strategies is tough but we can say the same for employees. In Kimonus® we think technology has a big impact on your daily work but because we’re also realistic we always look to find the best way to use it.

You can use Kimonus® for different views: 50000 ft analysis or 5000 ft. And you can have the best if you try to use this platform to both share projects and goals across your entire company. A new company intelligence era is ready to start.

Align execution with key objectives.

How many times has your organization gotten excited about a new flashy initiative and been distracted from the underlying purpose of the company? With Kimonus, you can align department and team goals with your strategy so as to ensure that the right outcomes are being achieved, every time.

Set the tone for your company culture.

Every tool can be perfect if we don’t analyze the cultural impact on the organization. Kimonus® can be your ally instead of an enemy. The main goal is to help you share a new culture across the company. Digital transformation doesn’t mean do everything differently, is more a new mindset of customer engagement with new digital techniques that only 5 years ago none realized. Because companies evolve is important to understand how to use best practices (like project management) to add value.

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