Team Building: why you need it

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Almost any activity in a company is done by a group of people. Quite every job is a project managed by a team and divided into steps! Unfortunately, humans aren’t always good at collaborating but it’s necessary to improve this aspect of our personality if we want to succeed. You can help your team to work better thanks to team building!


What’s team building?

To give you a basic definition, team building represents the activities that develop a group of people. These activities have the goal to stimulate individuals to collaborate and exchange opinions to discover the mutual characteristics and create synergy. During last years, given the number of projects and teamwork inside companies, team building became more important.


Some common ideas

The notification of an upcoming team building activity in a company often causes negative reactions. Why? A common fear is that this activity is boring and useless. Who thinks that isn’t necessarily wrong: maybe they attended team building sessions in other company and they really were badly organized or useless. Others may have fear to expose their personal opinions or to be at the center of the attention.


Improving collaboration

There are many ways to do team building but not all are efficient. Let’s take as an example the vision of an independent movie with a final debate. Without doubts, this could be a good way to create an open atmosphere of dialog between individuals and to discover the opinions and personality of everyone. But who doesn’t like expressing their own feelings or speaking in public will feel uncomfortable and who’s skeptic will consider this moment a stupid activity.

Successful team building activities are based upon the reach of a common goal. For this reason, games or group activities that need collaboration to win using every team member’s strength are often the right choice! Escape rooms are an example of a group game that is perfect for team building because they request to join forces to reach the goal.

Not everyone loves novelties and many people are skeptical by nature: they think about doing their job and coming back home, without wasting time on things like group activities. But you know how important is to keep your team connected and productive so arm yourself with patience and find the right approach to involve these individuals! Many companies create a real “event” that ends with the team building activity: they organize teams, take pictures in costumes, prepare some food. The goal is to make the moment more genuine and engaging!


A convenient effort

It’s not always easy to organize engaging and useful team building activities! You could face the resistance and skepticism of your team or even of your board. Be sure to create something that can bring real results and involve people: this way you’ll solve their doubts and improve the synergy of your group!

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