How to Strengthen your Team’s Relationships

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Happy hours, laser tag, ping pong tables. All of these sound like great and fun ways to strengthen your team’s relationships and, ultimately, doing better work. When it comes to real life, however, these are just activities that come and go but don’t necessarily leave stronger teams behind.

Here are five ways in which you can truly encourage relationship building within your team and at the same time develop better project workflows.


1. Streamlining communication

Building an environment where your workers feel comfortable communicating with each other is key. By keeping open channels of communication and allowing both in-office and remote workers to talk regularly, your team is more likely to share ideas, opinions, be creative with each other and improve trust.

Take a look at this article for 13 ways to improve communication in the workplace.


2. Understanding each other’s work

Have you ever felt like you don’t truly understand what others in your team do exactly? Even though it’s something every team should avoid, it happens a lot.

By opening up the conversation about the skills each team member brings to the table, their experience, their professional goals and where they want to take their career, employees are more likely to build respect and appreciation for each other’s work. And, in the long term, you’ll find that employees are also more likely to help each other achieve these objectives.


3. Demonstrating true collaboration

True collaboration is not easy to accomplish when your team members haven’t built strong relationships amongst themselves. Likewise, building strong relationships can be hard when true collaboration is not happening. So how can you overcome this challenge?

This Smartsheet article explains that in a team, “although the members have varying areas of expertise, they still share similar goals, resources, and leadership. With their diverse set of specialized skills, they should be able to problem-solve as a group”.

Try teaching your team members how important working together towards a goal is, and that even though everyone brings something different to the table, all these skills can come together to help foster creativity and boost employee morale.


4. Opening channels for healthy discussions

One of the best ways for employees to feel comfortable and want to give the best of themselves at work, is allowing for a safe environment for them to share ideas, concerns, goals and objectives.

When you provide open channels for healthy discussions, not only do you promote strong relationships within a team, but great ideas might come out from a simple brainstorming session.


5. Promoting a positive culture

You’ve heard us say that promoting a positive company culture goes beyond what most employers think millennials want (check this article to see what they really want). But actions can you take to ensure your employees feel satisfied at work? Here are a few first steps to get started:

  • Provide permanent flexibility, such as work from home
  • Commitment to health and well-being and a true work/life balance
  • Working with a purpose beyond one-off tasks

Strong relationships will not only keep employees happier and more committed to your team, but they will also become more engaged and deliver better results for your company.


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