Spreadsheets: 3 reasons why they make your job worse

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Yes, you read right! In this article, you’ll find out 3 reasons why spreadsheets make your job wors. Not different but less efficient. You’re probably skeptical, all in all almost every business uses this tool for their activities. That’s why this topic is so important! It’s time to understand why you must cut spreadsheets from your work.


1. They steal your time

Updating spreadsheets is a slow task. It’s also an individual activity that breaks the collaboration in a team. What’s the right file to work on? What’s the most recent version? These are typical doubts that arise when you manage your tasks using Excel spreadsheets. The confusion that generates is exactly the opposite of what you need to work well! And time flows, in the meantime.

Imagine you have a team of 4 individuals, each of them spends 1 hour every week updating spreadsheets. In a month, your team wastes 16 hours for this activity! Speaking of money, if an employee costs an average of 50$/hour, every month 800 € are invested in updating spreadsheets. It’s time for a more convenient solution.


2. They threaten security

Spreadsheets are files. And, like every file, they can be stolen! You may feel safe when you’re working with Excel on your laptop. But, if you send that document to your team of 5 members, you have 5 mailboxes with that file inside (excluding yours). IT attacks and disgruntled employees can threaten data safety. And spreadsheets containing important information are always in danger!


3. They’re inaccurate

The most common of the problems related to spreadsheets is the use of a wrong version. The file you’re working on is often not updated and this leads to many other mistakes and wastes of time! Furthermore, you can’t access a previous version in case of a stakeholder that requests it. Finally, human error influence the information on documents and this lack of accuracy has tangible effects on your business.


A complete solution

Let’s have a quick recap. You’re looking for:

– speed;
– safety;
– accuracy.

You need a tool that can help you manage and track activities safely, with different kinds of user permissions. And you need to quickly intervene to update the status of tasks and make changes. Finally, you need a “history” of previous versions and a global vision on the project. A project management and collaboration software is the solution for you!


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