Project Managers: 4 New Year’s resolutions for 2018 and how to realize them

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We already passed the first half of January 2018. Is it too late for New Year’s resolutions? Well, chances are you’re still finishing works from 2017! While you deliver these last projects, you can think about what to change. So here are 4 ideas to improve your job as a project manager this year!


1. Monitor time and costs efficiently

Let’s be honest: the efficiency of our projects depends mostly on these two metrics. Keeping costs low is a necessary part of our work as project managers because it usually indicates a careful planning. And respecting timelines is important too, especially when there’s a product or business launch.

Monitoring times and costs of activities in necessary to answer many needs. In a data-driven market like the one we’re in, it’s impossible to ignore the tracking of information like the time needed to realize a deliverable or the resources used! Furthermore, these data, beyond allowing you to keep your boss (or your client) up-to-date, help you improve your tasks management.


2. Identify future problems in advance

How many times delays and problems about a project depend upon the members of the team it’s assigned to? When the reaching of a goal is linked to the work of many people, often the mistakes or slowness of an individual affect the duration of activities. As a project manager, you could decide to micromanage every aspect of the job but that would be a waste of resources and an exaggerated effort!

Keep an eye on the status of every member’s works. Pay attention to activities that could suffer from delays to decide if allocating more resources or finding a different solution. This way you’ll be able to identify problems in advance and manage changes in deadlines!


3. Manage projects without using emails

Believe it or not, you’re spending more than 4 hours every day in your inbox. To do what? Checking updates, answering questions, looking for attachments and much more. If you’re already shocked, the calculator in this article will terrorize you. Imagine how many things you could do if you could avoid wasting all this time! Without speaking of mistakes, misunderstandings and delays caused by this obsolete system.

Try managing documents, deadlines and information without using emails. Collecting in a unique place all the material and data of a project, you’ll guarantee your team access to the necessary resources to work quickly and efficiently!


4. Improve the collaboration of your team

Linked to the careful management of resources, this resolution is based on the idea (well, it’s more like a truth) that the quality of a team’s collaboration influence the final result. And the time needed to reach it, too! What obstacles a positive collaboration? Lack of information, vague indications and undefined roles. Be sure to improve all these aspects of your management and the productivity of your meetings too, to keep your group involved.


How to apply these resolutions in 2018

Let’s make a brief recap. For 2018 you can:

– Monitor time and costs efficiently

– Identify future problems in advance

– Manage projects without using emails

– Improve the collaboration of your team

How can you apply these ideas? Using a Project Management and Collaboration software capable of monitoring resources and activities, managing communications and documents, organizing tasks and checking works’ status.


Kimonus is a complete platform that can help you organize your projects and manage collaboration. Request a free demo now and find out how to improve your activities as a project manager in 2018!

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