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What does preparing a Project Plan mean? There are tasks to organize, deadlines to define, solutions to create in case of issues. All these things could seem difficult to control for a rookie. That’s why we wrote down a list of 4 steps that will help you preparing a perfect Project Plan!


1. Set the goals

Project’s objectives start from the needs of who commissions it. For this reason it’s necessary to meet the figures that are interested in its realization, like sponsors or clients, to know their needs. Try to understand what they really want, what they expect from the project and which results they want to achieve. Once you find your stakeholders’ needs and interests, you can define a list of objectives.

Organize your list according to priorities. There are more important results than others, more urgent things and mid-term deadlines. Be sure to keep an eye on them while you prepare your Project Plan. Note next to every goal the need it satisfies, in order to maintain the document easy to read and understand. Are you missing something? If your bosses’ or clients’ needs are managed, it’s time for step 2!


2. Define the deliverables

A goal’s success is usually measured through the reach of a practical result. Developing a software, producing a good or creating a logo are some examples of deliverables. Which products you must deliver in order to achieve the defined objectives? Set these results and include an approximate date for the conclusion. Even though you could change it with the definitive one once tasks are scheduled, it will help you visualize the duration of the single steps of the project.

This part of the plan is very important because it allows your stakeholders to see practical results and have an idea of the project’s duration.


3. Schedule tasks

How will you realize the deliverables you defined? Through activities that request budget, individuals and time. Evaluating the necessary resources to reach the desired results is one of the most important parts of a Project Plan! While you prepare it, you could notice connections betweed different goals: maybe to reach one of them you first have to complete another one. Compose your tasks’ calendar so that every aspect of the project unlocks the next one.


4. Prepare a risks’ assessment

As a Project Manager, you’re in charge of thinking of everything could happen. From technical issues to lack of personnel due to cold diseases, there always are difficulties that could delay or stop a project. Prepare a risks’ assessment that clearly underlines weak points in the process and the ways to prevent or solve inconvenients.

Study a Risk Management strategy in order to face issues. You could anticipate the most riskful tasks or suppose to reallocate resources to recover the lost time. Does the project develop during a time that includes holidays? You already know that you will have to manage your employees’ vacations and suppliers’ closings.


Now it’s your turn! With these 4 steps you’ll realize a successful and foolproof Project Plan! But how can you easily manage deadlines, tasks and documents? KIMONUS is the right solution for you. Ask for a demo now!

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