Kimonus® for Startups

Keeping the pace.

When your company starts to grow, it’s easy to feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. Intelligent dashboards and process intelligence can help you manage your company – and your growth – seamlessly.

We know you have an endless list of things that demand your focus. Building a company can be overwhelming, so it’s important that your processes are taken care of. Startup dashboards will provide you the Company Intelligence™ you need to make decisions and gather insights from your entire team in seconds.

  • Traditional engagement
  • Digital engagement

Custom Integrations.


Kimonus® integrates with your enterprise applications to give you the best of everything: you capitalize your investments and your team doesn’t become crazy changing continuously interfaces. Our team knows startups processes well and can customize Kimonus® to fit with your specific needs.

Security Compliance.


Kimonus® can be used OnPremises or with a Cloud environment. We know how important your data are and what is necessary to be compliant with international regulations. We build Kimonus® with the latest security standards and we use Enterprise platforms to secure your information.

Process Automation.


Kimonus® gives its best when is used to both process automation and team collaboration. Standard processes can be simplified with a minimum impact on everyday activities and can help your users to automate boring tasks without efforts. Your team can save up to 80% of time spent on less important activities.

  • Time saved
  • Repetitive tasks

Growing easily.

Developing your business can be complicated, you don’t need other things to struggle on. Kimonus® Process Intelligence will empower you to capture every workflow so that growing your team is as easy as clicking “Hire”. Try and see by yourself!



Your teams deserves only the best tools to work with and Kimonus® is the right choice to improve collaboration and communications.



Forget complications: hiring, transferring, contracts, onboarding and many other processes related to resources can be easily automated.



As your business grows, you need more tools and performance to do your work. Kimonus® scales and integrates easily.



Show investors that you are reaching your goals within the defined budget and time limits using intuitive dashboards and customized reports.

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