Kimonus® for Nonprofits

Make a positive impact.

As a nonprofit organization, you work hard to make a positive impact on the world around you. And while each organization’s mission might differ, what remains the same across the board is the need to make intelligent decisions without straying from your primary purpose.

Unlike most traditional businesses, mission-driven nonprofits seem to lag behind when it comes to adopting technology that empowers their impact – which means they are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow their success. Streamlining your organization’s data through dashboards and projects can help you keep your focus on the issues that are important to you, knowing that your processes and workflows are taken care of through Kimonus™.

More time for what matters.

Monitor your organization’s impact with Kimonus dashboards and workflow automation. That way you can focus on mission-driven work and your team can flow through their strengths, powered by Company Intelligence™.

Work, smarter.

With Company Intelligence™ for Nonprofits, you can gather reports and information from your team seamlessly. Kimonus allows you to automate grant writing processes, scholarship applications, and internal communications without leaving the platform.

Custom Integrations.


Kimonus® integrates with your enterprise applications to give you the best of everything: you capitalize on your investment and your team doesn’t go crazy from continuously changing interfaces. Our team knows nonprofit processes well and can customize Kimonus® to fit with your specific needs.

Security Compliance.


Kimonus® can be installed on-premise or in a Cloud environment. We know how important your data is and what is necessary to be compliant with international regulations. We built Kimonus® in alignment with the latest security standards and we use Enterprise platforms to secure your information.

Process Automation.


Kimonus® works best when it is used for both process automation and team collaboration. Standard processes can be simplified with a minimum impact on everyday activities. This can help your team automate repetitive tasks without a lot of effort. You can gain back up to 80% of your team’s time!



You are on a mission to make a real impact. This means you must measure the results of your activities and Kimonus® helps you to do that.



Your tasks can be repetitive, boring or complex. But you can automate most of them and focus on more important activities.



Every single resource counts when it comes to your cause and with Kimonus® you can optimize the way you manage their time and tasks.



Your team is the core of the success of your mission and you need to improve internal collaboration to achieve results. Enter Kimonus®.

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