Kimonus® for Manufacturing

From data to automation.

Kimonus helps manufacturers track and monitor everything from research and development all the way to completed products. Built to empower lean manufacturing principles, the Kimonus suite of solutions will drive down your bottom line and help you make decisions from real-time data and dashboards.

Every factory uses different and customs processes, most of them are managed with an ERP but not everything. What customers find difficult is to automate small processes that are not always standard or hidden in the middle of everyday tasks.

We want to automate and simplify every process that has an impact on time or money spent. Adapting lean concepts to manage projects and tasks is simple to understand as complicated to do. For example Quality Assurance and Audits, they’re standard tasks part of projects that you need to reiterate during the time. If you use Kimonus®, you can simplify your ISO Audit up to 50% with a better understanding of how to use data to make a better decision.

Custom Integrations.


Kimonus® integrates with your enterprise applications to give you the best of everything: you capitalize your investments and your team doesn’t become crazy changing continuously interfaces. Our team knows manufacturing processes well and can customize Kimonus® to fit with your specific needs.

Security Compliance.


Kimonus® can be used OnPremises or with a Cloud environment. We know how important your data are and what is necessary to be compliant with international regulations. We build Kimonus® with the latest security standards and we use Enterprise platforms to secure your information.

Process Automation.


Kimonus® gives its best when is used to both process automation and team collaboration. Standard processes can be simplified with a minimum impact on everyday activities and can help your users to automate boring tasks without efforts. Your team can save up to 80% of time spent on less important activities.

Helping development.

R&D is another area that we can improve. Every project is, for definition, unique. However, the list of activities and tasks to create a new product can be most of the time the same. Kimonus® helps you to track goals, time spent, organize files and emails in one container with reliable security to be sure your precious knowledge can be safe.



Define standards and keep hitting your goals with workflows that help you to do things the right way and measure results.



Improve the way you manage your resources with automated processes for hiring, transferring, onboarding and much more.



Improving your business includes new factories, new plants, new equipment and so on. Kimonus® helps you to lead the growth.



Keep everything under control, from tasks to resources workload and calendars. You won’t miss a deadline anymore with Kimonus®!

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