Kimonus® for Finance

Digital Transformation made simple.

As a leading financial institution, you know the importance of streamlining information and processes. Kimonus integrates seamlessly with existing software, such as Jira and Euclide, to ease the onboarding transition for your team.

While customer data is already extremely protected in your mainframe, the customer experience is not. Ensure your team can delight your customers with streamlined processes and workflows through Kimonus Process Intelligence. Some of our banking clients have been able to cut the client-facing process time by almost 80%**!

  • Traditional engagement
  • Digital engagement

Custom integrations.


Kimonus® integrates with your enterprise applications to give you the best of everything: you capitalize your investments and your team doesn’t become crazy changing continuously interfaces. Our team knows finance processes and can customize Kimonus® to fit with your specific needs.

Compliance. Security.


Kimonus® can be used OnPremises or with a Cloud environment. We know how important are your data, and what is necessary to be compliant with international regulations. We build Kimonus® with the latest security standards and we use Enterprise platforms to secure your data.

Process Automation.


Kimonus® gives its best when is used to both process automation and team collaboration. Standard processes can be simplified with a minimum impact on everyday activities and can help your users to automate boring tasks. Your team can save up to 80% of time spent.

  • Time saved
  • Repetitive tasks


Banks and other financial institutions can benefit from Kimonus® Automator to save up to 80% of their time with repetitive tasks. Also, the new digital transformation trend can become much more comfortable using the same module to engage customers. Think about self-service products, form requests and internal complex processes that are time-consuming. Kimonus® is the answer.


Let your customers create their own products to save you time and convert more.

HR Processes.

Hiring, transferring, closing, assets, contracts management, benefits


Create online forms to better engage your customers, manage projects and tasks, simplify documents and emails.


Reduce up to 80% of time spent to create contracts, upload documents and fill forms.

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