How to make others respect your deadlines

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While you work on your projects, you define deadlines to reach your goals or get certain results. But your activities are often influenced by other people! For example, a marketing team may have to confront with the sales dept to have the information needed. You don’t always receive these data when you want. How can you make others respect the deadlines you set for your work?


1. Lead by example

Show others your team take deadlines seriously, starting from their own ones. Do you always complete your projects on time, keeping yourself inside your deadlines? If your colleagues see that deadlines are important for you and you don’t want to miss them, they feel more “obliged” to do the same.

And what about the deadlines others set for you? If you respect the times decided by other people, helping them to complete their projects without obstacles, you’ll foster a positive attitude toward your team and projects! Your colleagues will want to return your precision and accuracy.


2. Explain your requests

With all the activities you must do, you hardly have time to waste on details. So a typical request could be something like:

I need a report about sales during the last quarter for Wednesday

If your requests sound like this one, you can do better to motivate the recipient. For example, give your message some details sharing the goal you want to reach. This goal probably affects other departments! If your marketing team needs information about sales for a lead generation campaign, briefly explain that to underline the importance of these data. The correct request could be:

We’re preparing a new lead generation campaign to increase qualified contacts. I need a report about sales during the last quarter for Wednesday, so the leads coming will be more on target and you will be able to work them easily

This request includes a brief explanation and underlines the benefits for the sales dept. And probably it will be satisfied quickly!


3. Communicate constantly

When a project evolves constantly, as it usually happens in the marketing field, not everyone keeps up with it. It’s your duty to keep informed all the people who affect the activities or the deadlines! To do so, you must communicate constantly the status of the work and next activities. The more a deadline is far in time, the more is important to remind people it’s approaching.

Other departments aren’t always prepared for direction and time changes that happen with marketing tasks. If you want to respect your deadlines, you must be sure that others will give you the necessary support according to the defined calendar. Communicating constantly, you will keep your colleagues focused on the activities they will have to do for your project.


Can you respect the deadlines you set for your projects? How do you organize your activities? With Kimonus you can improve the efficiency and the collaboration of your marketing team!

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