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While a tool alone won’t fix many of the productivity challenges faced in the workplace, it can definitely help. Explore the power of Company Intelligence to supercharge your team’s work, increase productivity by up to 80%, and reduce many of the headaches that come with a growing company.

Company Intelligence™

Our signature premise at Kimonus is that we provide Company Intelligence™ to our customers, empowering you to gather useful insights and make informed decisions from a single tool.


Your primary view when you open Kimonus will be a dashboard, customized for your role.

Here, you’ll see what is currently being worked on, existing action items, and understand how what you are working on now impacts the overall goals of your team (and company!).


Kimonus integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and operations in order to streamline your work, not add to it.

We understand that many organizations use separate CRMs, financial tracking tools, ticketing systems, communication platforms, and document creation tools.

Collaborative Intelligence

Having everybody on the same page is one of the biggest challenges in most organizations. As you implement Kimonus to streamline your workload, you will increase your team’s collaboration tenfold, giving people the necessary insights to make decisions without having to bombard each other with emails and meetings.


Kimonus allows users to sync various inboxes (Office365, G Suite, IMAP) to a single dashboard in order to see all emails in one place. We also integrate with Slack or can provide an internal messaging tool to ensure you aren’t missing any important communications about your projects.

This not only means that you can see what’s happening, but you can also cut back on unnecessary email usage. No more “status update” email chains needed! Pieces of the collaboration puzzle that usually take up a ton of time are now reduced exponentially with Kimonus.

While we don’t claim to “eliminate” email, we will definitely reduce your inbox clutter by keeping all documents related to a project in the same place. You won’t need to send the “Status update” emails anymore, or have to worry about copying every person, department, and stakeholder on your emails. They will be automatically updated everytime you reach new goals and finish your tasks.


Team management within Kimonus is a breeze. You’ll be able to coordinate and allocate human resources, as well as see a real-time status of each of your team members.

You won’t have to dig through various shared calendars anymore to see who is on vacation, who has the capacity to take on a new project or track KPIs for various initiatives.

PTO – team members can also request and schedule paid time off directly within the platform – allowing full visibility from managers and HR to ensure everyone is on the same page.


You may be using a traditional CRM, and that’s fine. With Kimonus’s integrations with many popular CRMs, you can sync internal and external contacts to different projects and initiatives, and keep everyone involved up to speed every step of the way.

Also, if you don’t want to use other CRM Kimonus® provide a complete dataset of information to track your project-leads and budgets.


Documents versioning, Upload and Categorize in a click, Due Date and Company’s calendar. Document link share (instead of sending documents we create a unique encrypted link to download the attachment).

Category and Subject to categorize specifically every document. Strong access control list.

Social Collaboration

Just like you’re used to on other platforms, in Kimonus you can @Mention teammates and share documents, action items, comments, and notes.

Real-time pop-up notifications can be configured to keep stakeholders in the know when they need to know.

Project Intelligence

What if your projects were detailed to allow you to see how they align with the overall strategy of the organization? Kimonus is so much more than a project management tool; it is a platform designed to empower you and your team to get the work that needs to be done, done! We understand that a tool alone won’t solve your productivity challenges in the workplace–a cultural shift towards project management needs to happen.


We realize that implementing a new tool can be difficult, and even overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve created several industry and role-specific templates to get you started.

If that’s not enough, our stellar customer support team will walk you through the steps of creating your custom project, as well as syncing it with your dashboard.

Project Management

There are many different methodologies out there for project management, and all of them work with Kimonus! Every initiative at your company, from market research to website redesign, from events to onboarding new hires, can be tracked as a project in Kimonus.

You can easily start new projects, tag them to match your internal tracking mechanisms, prioritize work for your team, and assign tasks and activities throughout.

Time Tracking

When projects require you to budget for the time your team is spending working on the deliverables, you can track time worked for all stakeholders.

Whether you simply need to help your team prioritize projects by setting deadlines and due dates, or you need to ensure that development work doesn’t surpass 40 hours… you can do it all with Kimonus.

Contracts Management

Do you work with vendors or independent contractors? Kimonus can help integrate their work into the overall operations of your department and company by allowing you to track billable hours, support tickets and contracts.

Full calendar integration

Kimonus integrates at the level you want it to with your existing tools. While you can see a full project calendar directly within the platform, you can also sync your tasks and activities directly to your preferred calendar provider (Outlook, Google Calendar, IBM Lotus/Verse) automatically to make sure your team never misses a deadline again.

PM Best Practices

Regardless of the project management methodology your team uses (PMO, Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Prince 2…), Kimonus is compatible! Create your own Gantt charts, trigger action items dependent upon completed tasks, gain transparency into the processes your team is using.

Process Intelligence

You can’t automate what you don’t understand. We will work with you to understand your organization’s processes in order to help you automate and track them as you advance as an organization. We’ve helped customers save up to 80% of their time with the Kimonus process modeler. With Kimonus® you can create and automate a new workflow in less than three minutes.


Growing your team can be quite a daunting undertaking! This is why we’ve created workflows to help keep everyone on track throughout this process.

You can automate the employee onboarding, giving them sequential access to welcome and training documents, as well as assign different pieces of the process to different stakeholders.

Kimonus Workflow Dependencies will let you make sure each step is followed along the way, and your new employees will have the most empowering onboarding process they can imagine!

Human Resources

When it comes to collecting information from a prospective employee, it’s sometimes easy to lose some of those details in long email threads and random subject lines.

Kimonus Workflows for HR will allow you to keep everything in one place – automatically syncing updated documents to employee files as you go!


By creating Workflows in Kimonus, you can not only automate many repetitive processes; you can also include as many stakeholders for each one. For example, if your marketing team and your events team run a process together for planning a special event, you can automatically create tasks, activities, updates, and more every step of the way.

Need to update your customer support team every time you onboard a new client? You can automate that.

Do you want to have your team submit a weekly status update? You can automate that, as well as flag certain items when the submissions come in.

Advanced features:

  • Single/Multiple choice fields
  • File upload
  • Contract management (PDF generator)
  • Public/Private Web page
  • Security Management
  • Notification
  • Kimonus® Resources integration

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