Frequently Asked Questions

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Kimonus streamlines work through process automation and project management. Our proprietary Workflow Modeler has saved companies an average of 45-80% of time typically spent on email and meetings.

Read on to find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Can you help me to implement my processes?

Of course, we’ll be happy to share our knowledge and best practices to help you.

Do you have an online demo?

We’re doing our best to give you access to our platform online, but right now we prefer to activate every new customer with a short, free of charge, onboarding process to help you understand better not only the product but also the philosophy behind. This will really help you to enjoy your trial.

Does my Kimonus license come with Workflow Modeler?

The general license is for the number of workflows that you want to create but users need to be entitled to have access to the platform to fill the forms. In case you want to publish the process as a WebPage you can do it buying the specific license version.

How many licenses do I need?

The number of licenses you buy (we require a minimum of 15 licenses per organization) will depend on how many users will need to access the platform. 1 user = 1 license.

How much data can I store in Kimonus?

Based on the license type that you buy we provide different storage tiers. But if you want you can receive a custom quote with a dedicated storage infrastructure. So, the sky is the limit.

I am interested in Kimonus for my department but what happens when other departments want to use Kimonus?

You can simply extend the number of users of your account or you can open a new instance dedicated to them.

Is Kimonus available both On Premise and Cloud? Hybrid?

It’s up to you. Most of our customers use Kimonus as a cloud-based solution, as our servers are built to keep your data safe, wherever it is. In qualifying cases, we can create an on-premise installation for you. Let us know if you’re interested in an on-premise installation, and we can discuss the possibilities together.

What are your differentiators?

There are many “project management” solutions available, and while many of them are sufficient for some companies, Kimonus has taken project management several steps further by integrating projects with the overall operations of the company. Instead of maintaining projects in isolated instances throughout the organization, executives will now have visibility into teams’ projects and how they affect interdepartmental operations on a company-wide level.

What is Kimonus?

In short, Kimonus is the best thing to ever happen to your company.

Kimonus is a platform designed to help your team work seamlessly, automating processes and improving collaboration. There are four main components to the Kimonus platform:
* Company Intelligence: By sorting through all of the tasks, activities, and projects your company is working on, Kimonus dashboards can lead you to the right insights, in the right moment. Real-time data allows executives to see the data you need, when you need it.
* Project Intelligence: No matter what project management methodology you are using, Kimonus works well with it. The most important shift when transitioning to Kimonus is ensuring your team is using some kind of methodology. This allows teams to collaborate better in a streamlined workflow.
* Collaboration Intelligence: By syncing with email accounts, calendars, and time off requests, you can know what your team is working on and when they are available. By allowing company-wide transparency, you can increase company-wide accountability, allowing you to achieve your goals more efficiently. And if a team member ever leaves the organization, they won’t leave you blindsided because everything will have been documented in Kimonus!
* Process Intelligence: With the Kimonus Workflow Modeler, you can automate any of your repetitive or non-standard proceses in about the time it takes to describe the process.

What kinds of processes work well for the Workflow Modeler?

If you can describe the process, it can be automated with Kimonus. We’ve seen clients use it for filling out contracts (and approving them!), managing grant application processes, hiring and onboarding new employees, planning events, building products, managing loans processes and so much more! If you want to talk through your process with a member of our team to see how Kimonus can help you gain valuable time.

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