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Soft skills for Project Managers: 3 things you must look at if you lack “determination”

How much would you trust someone who is not determined enough? Would you give him or her a project to manage? Would you like to be led by him or her? We [...]


Team Building: why you need it

Almost any activity in a company is done by a group of people. Quite every job is a project managed by a team and divided into steps! Unfortunately, humans [...]


3 uses of automation for project management

Can technological innovation help project managers in their work? Are there activities that can be done automatically instead of manually? Let’s find [...]


Project Managers: 4 New Year’s resolutions for 2018 and how to realize them

We already passed the first half of January 2018. Is it too late for New Year’s resolutions? Well, chances are you’re still finishing works from [...]


3 ways to reach your KPIs easily

It’s frustrating when you don’t reach your objectives. Especially when they have a real value for your company! KPIs are the way you define [...]


5 ways to involve remote workers in your team

We read everyday about new companies that allow their employees to work remotely. This practice is more frequent and is linked to the natural way of dealing [...]


How to manage easily the relationship with your suppliers

Your company is never totally independent: it uses external suppliers for products and services of any kind. These suppliers often collaborate to real [...]


4 techniques to improve communication in your team

Communication is a key element in every environment where groups of people collaborate. Many studies demonstrate the value of this necessary part of any [...]


4 steps to realize your new year’s marketing plan

New year is coming and it’s time to plan marketing activities. Defining objectives, allocating budget, preparing calendars: these all are necessary [...]


3 ways to keep leaders involved in your projects

Have you ever felt unable to keep your boss up-to-date with your project’s development? Actually you would share with him or her more information and [...]

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