How to Automate and Manage Human Resources Processes

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Back when our grandparents and great grandparents were growing up, the idea of the future was similar to an image taken from a science fiction blockbuster: flying cars, humanlike robots and intergalactic travel were the main inventions that people were convinced would happen.

Even though our ancestors might be disappointed to find out none of these things have been fully developed by 2019, we can’t deny that some of these futuristic ideas have impacted our day to day… and human resources is not the exception.

Did you know that 97% of HR leaders are planning to increase their investment in recruiting technology by the year 2020, including nearly a quarter (22%) who anticipate a 30-50% increase in spending? The main reason this is happening is because companies understand the need for a technologically advanced human resources department that can satisfy company and employee wants and needs.

Here are a few ways in which the future of human resources is happening right now:


1. Faster recruiting and hiring process

From posting a new job opportunity to reviewing resumes and interview notes, choosing the right candidate for the right position can be challenging for human resources and the executives involved.

With automated processes through technology, however, it is much easier for decision makers to collaborate and be on the same page when it comes to recruiting. This solution doesn’t only speed up the hiring process, but it also ensures the best candidate for the job is chosen as all decision makers manage the same information from one source.


2. Easier employee onboarding

Once the candidate has been selected and hired, there can be an overload of documentation that needs to be signed and reviewed by both parties. Luckily, thanks to HR automation this process becomes much easier as all paperwork can be stored online, eliminating the chances of losing an important piece of paper, forgetting to sign a form, or not receiving a copy after it’s been signed.


3. Streamlined day-to-day tasks

If time tracking, employee reviews and time-off requests processes are a struggle at your company, human resources automation is exactly what you need. Through online tools, employees and their managers can take care of all these tasks in one place, saying goodbye to manual processes, missed emails and miscommunication across the organization.


4. Everything in one place

Gone are the times in which work would be delayed for days because a single document couldn’t be found, or someone got in huge trouble for destroying original documentation with no copies whatsoever.

Today, the most modern and productive companies take advantage of technology to keep one source for all relevant files, making it easier for human resources to securely access and share employee documentation, forms, resumes, and any piece of information that can be needed at any time.


5. Benefits Tracking

With automated HR processes, employees can often access self-service options that allow them to easily access their remuneration information, opt for different plans and get all the benefits information they require to make an educated decision. This doesn’t only make processes easier, but it also improves transparency and strengthens relationships between organizations and their employees.


6. Accessible from anywhere, any device

Cloud-based software is something that most of us use without even knowing it. When you access your emails from your phone, iPad or computer, don’t you always get the same information? The same thing goes for cloud-based software that allows users to access documents any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Out of town? Broken laptop? That shouldn’t be a problem! Thanks to the cloud, documents can be accessed easily by human resources practitioners and anyone who may need them. No need to email the same document back and forth.

Fact: 48% of HR and talent professionals want to replace their current HR software with a cloud-based system by 2018.


The Future of Human Resources is Now!

Are you ready to automate processes and improve the effectiveness of your human resources department? At Kimonus we believe that technology can be used to improve every aspect of your company. Both internal and external! Contact us today to find out how.

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