5 ways to involve remote workers in your team

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We read everyday about new companies that allow their employees to work remotely. This practice is more frequent and is linked to the natural way of dealing with consultants and external agencies, always connected but almost never physically present. Despite the obvious advantages, there’s the risk of losing cohesiveness due to distance! How can you ensure everyone feels part of the whole? Let’s find out 5 ways to involve remote workers in your team!


1. Begin with the example

Be the first one to show interest toward your remote employees! There’s a recurring Skype meeting that needs to be respected? Is it necessary to spend some more money for a better Collaboration system? Your team will notice the efforts you put in including remote members and will learn to do the same.


2. Cultivate social interactions

Working from home can be tough: many distractions and noone to share ideas with. If possible, insert your remote employees in a co-working space. This way you will give them the opportunity to have confrontations with others and to stay out of home! And don’t forget to include them in your projects’ chats in order to help them express doubts and suggestions.

Program recurring video-conferences. Even miles away, your team members will see each other and create relationships while they collaborate to reach objectives!


3. Schedule regular meeting

If you have satellite offices, visit them regularly. The goal of these encounters is to reinforce the connection with your remote employees, avoiding them to live these moments like inspections. Dedicate a few days for every office, working yourself and sharing ideas with your team members. This way they will feel involved in activities and will perceive you as something more than a voice on the other side of the line.

In case of individual remote employees, organize them at least a meeting every year in your headquarter. Ensure the trip has a meaning and a minimal duration that allows everyone to meet and spend time together!


4. Invest on local activities

Your remote employees can be a powerful advertising tool in areas where you aren’t physically present. Give them the resources to organize social events and Meetups where they can sponsor your company! Or give them the permission to attend existing initiatives as brand ambassadors. You’ll not just gain awareness in many different places but you will also help your remote workers feel more involved!


5. Improve communication

If your team can’t communicate properly, team members will hardly feel involved and they won’t share ideas and doubts. Be sure to have a system capable of supporting interactions without using emails! This way you’ll simplify your monitoring work too and you’ll drastically decrease the risk of losing data.


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