5 tricks to make your meetings more productive

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Do you think business meetings are mostly a waste of time? Maybe you’re not wrong. People constantly checking their smartphones or that can’t wait to be out of there are clues that unmask a useless meeting. How can you make your team rendezvous more productive and useful? Find it out with these 5 tricks!


1. Define a goal

The first reason why meetings are often useless is that they lack of an aim. It can sound predictable but defining a specific goal is the best way to be sure you are not wasting time! Which points you have to speak about? Are there problems to solve, jobs to assign? If you just want to have an idea of how a project is going, you don’t need a meeting.


2. Invite the right people

Are you sure all the participants you’re thinking to call are useful for the meeting? Choose the individuals to invite depending on the goal of the meeting and ask yourself if they can really give a valuable contribution. Are they part of the project? The work you’re going to talk abouts regards them too? You could find out that some participants, maybe your own boss, haven’t a valid reason to attend the rendezvous!


3. Ban laptops and mobile devices

Distractions are easy to find when we have a smartphone at hand. Are mobile devices really necessary during the meeting? Probably not. Arrange some papers to take note of key points but limit distractions. Maybe you could assign one of the participants the job to record the meeting and prepare a recap!


4. Catch the attention

Begin the meeting with a catchy line or an interesting fact. Sometimes participants start with the misconception that the encounter will be useless and boring: time to amaze them! Use images, models and conceptual maps to promote cognitive processes and thinking capabilities. A well studied presentation will help the team being focused.


5. Assign tasks and jobs

Don’t end the meeting without establishing who will accomplish what. You could even do that before diving deep into the points to manage in order to keep the chosen individuals focused! To maintain the meeting efficient, who will do the discussed activities has to be clearly defined.


Remember to put these tips into practice next time you organize a business meeting. Participants will be more focused, activities to accomplish will be clear and results will be reached faster!
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