4 techniques to improve communication in your team

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Communication is a key element in every environment where groups of people collaborate. Many studies demonstrate the value of this necessary part of any relationship: from schools of fish to sport teams, the exchange of information determines the positive or negative result of activities. Do you think your team has problems with communication? It’s time to find the right solution!


Not just softwares

Information a work team exchanges every day are endless. And endless are also the channels used: emails, phone calls, messages, chats, conversations! It’s easy to lose something. Part of the solution is adopting a tool that can gather communications in a unique place in order to simplify activities. But there are also other techniques that can help you improve your team’s work! Let’s find them out in this article!


1. Develop an internal glossary

Your company’s dynamics and activities could lead to the natural creation of an internal jargon used by employees to identify certain things. It’s not taken for granted that the real meaning of a word is what everyone has in mind, expecially if they just got hired! Be sure that your team members know what do certain terms mean. An example? “When we talk about customer service we mean…”. If necessary, develope a simple internal gossary available for everyone.


2. Clearly define roles

It could seem obvious but the starting point is clarifying who does what. And it’s a necessary step to be sure that everyone knows which role they have. If your team members know what are the tasks that every participant must accomplish, they will also know who needs some information or can answer specific questions! And they will be more receptive regarding communications related to their activities.


3. Write everything down

A great way to preserve information and data is writing them down! Sometimes, expecially during meeting, you say important things that get lost because noone took note. Deadlines, requests, activities: write everything and make documents available for your team members. Force yourself to prefer communication channels that can gather every message related to a single project.

4. Assign a point-person

The amount of information regarding a project can be difficult to manage. Assigning a point-person as a supervisor, you can simplify the exchange of messages and monitor activities. This figure includes verifying the status of projects, activities and contacts. It’s not necessary to assign this role to a project manager, the important thing is that he or she can check the development of work and related communications.


Ready to apply these 4 techniques and improve your teams’ communication? Remember also to choose a platform that can simplify your Collaboration activities!

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