3 ways to keep your creativity more consistent

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Working during a creative phase is a unique experience: ideas flow one after another, problems solve themselves, everything works. But, believe it or not, the majority of us can’t afford to work only during a creative moment. We are often forced to have the same great results also in the less inspiring days! Are there ways to keep a consistent level of creativity? Yes and it’s time to discover them!


1. Don’t always look for perfection

Our work’s quality depends also upon our perception. We could actually have created a beautiful logo or a great business plan but, if we don’t believe it’s a good work, we will not give it the right value. Creativity often suffocates under the continuous research for perfection. Sometimes this anxiety prevents you even just to begin working on a project!

Other times research for perfection prevents us to conclude a work because it makes us unsatisfied by the result. Have you ever felt like that? Luckily most of the times you have the opportunity to confront with others to evaluate what you did! If the last obstacle between you and the closing of a project is yourself, maybe it’s time to review your judgment parameters.


2. Avoid routine

It is known that routine fossilizes mind. On the other side, activities like travels and changes stimulate cognitive abilities! You probably can’t have a trip every week. But have you ever thought about changing the way you work? You could do something simple like changing the order of the points to develop in a project, if possible. Or you could change sofware and find different solutions to reach the same goals!

Working environment plays an important role in constructing a routine. The same road, the same office, the same desk can kill creativity. What if you temporarily move to another zone of the office? You could also find a quiet cafe to unleash your creativity. New environments are an incentive and you will immediately notice the benefits of a similar change!


3. Plan

Organization is not one of the things creatives usually love. Nonetheless is a necessary tool to keep creative and productive. Working without planning often implies forgetting the importance to manage energies: pauses fall through, lunch breaks reduces to few hurried minutes. A good work plan gives breaks the right space to rest and unload tension!

Planning saves mental resources that you would otherwise use for less important things. For example, it allows you to precisely know when you must complete a task or when another another will begin. Also deciding in advance where to eat can be useful! Flexibility is a double-edged sword for creative talents so ensure it doesn’t decrease your performance.



Are you ready to unleash your creativity with these tips? How do you keep yourself creative and consistent during time?
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