3 uses of automation for project management

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Can technological innovation help project managers in their work? Are there activities that can be done automatically instead of manually? Let’s find out in this article 3 uses of automation that will simplify your project management duties!


Not just decisions

We have to admit it: the role of the project manager includes many boring and repetitive activities. Together with important choices and complex decisions, there are a lot of administrative tasks that we don’t like. For example, answering emails and organizing documents. Automation was developed to assign these duties to a machine, allowing people to focus on more decisional activities. Actually, thanks to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, now machines can make complex decisions analyzing data.


1. Managing repetitive tasks

When a new project starts, it’s necessary to organize the work. If some activities are recurrent, it could be necessary to assign every time a new task of a specific kind to the same team member. Or notifying team members that something was modified! All these repetitive actions, like notifications and assignments, can be managed through automation. Some advantages? No risks of forgetting, a lot of time saved.


2. Streamlining the revision process

The revision phase often slows down the activities of a project. It request the coordination between different people, that must have the same starting material and share the definitive one. Automation allows these figures to receive a notification when the revision subject is ready and when it got checked; it also helps keep documents organized, avoiding delays and loss of information.


3. Connecting different systems

How many software do you use for your work? Tens, probably. Switching from a platform to another isn’t always easy, especially if there’s a lack of integrations necessary for the data exchange. It’s not acceptable to waste time looking for data between software but it happens; thanks to automation, you can integrate different platforms and manage the exchange of information! This way you can enjoy the advantages of every single solution without the typical problems of using many programs.


Applying automation to your business

How can you apply automation to your work? Using a project management software that includes automatic processes for documents’ management, notifications, and assignments! Kimonus is a complete platform that can help you improve your activities. Contact us now for a free trial!

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