Soft skills for Project Managers: 3 things you must look at if you lack “determination”

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How much would you trust someone who is not determined enough? Would you give him or her a project to manage? Would you like to be led by him or her? We don’t think so. As a project manager, you are in charge of completing complex projects, leading a team and making important decisions. Assertiveness is a trait you must have! But what if it’s not part of your nature? Here are 3 things to consider!


1. Check yourself out

From time to time you have to examine yourself. Our busy daily routine keeps us away from thinking about all the possible things we can do; it prevents us from discovering and doing new things! Analysing your true nature is the first step towards doing something different, and finding new ways to realize yourself will help you become a more assertive individual.

You must leave your comfort zone! It could be difficult in the beginning, but the satisfaction of getting involved in new activities will give you self-confidence and will boost your determination. An auto-exam will help you discover (or rediscover) your strengths and apply them.


2. Learn to listen

Believe it or not, there may be people who’d probably like you to be more determined. And they could have even mentioned it to you! Have you, for example, been encouraged to be more proactive or more willing to take the lead? These comments could be directly linked to the quality of your work. People expect leadership from project managers as well as eagerness to make decisions.

If someone has dropped the ball on you being more assertive, use it as feedback and make it the incentive you need to start mastering this important trait!


3. Speak out more

Are you the guy who usually says nothing during meetings? We got bad news for you: this attitude easily gets misunderstood! Participating in meetings, expressing your opinion or even asking questions are typical signs of self-confidence. Maybe you don’t like doing it because you feel uncomfortable by being the center of attention, but that’s exactly the point: leaders don’t fear to express themselves and speak out.

Taking the lead is part of your role as a project manager. Managing teams and arranging meetings are activities that require you to be ready to intervene and give directions! Well, you don’t have to monopolize conversations but your role gives you the right (and comes with the assigned duty) to be the reference point for the project.


Being determined isn’t easy: you must find the right balance to avoid being rude or too demanding. And not everyone is assertive by nature! But, with these 3 tips, you can start developing the necessary traits to become a better project manager.

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