Give your team superpowers automating your processes in minutes and combining with the most innovative project management techniques, move your collaboration to the next step!



Kimonus® integrates with leading products like G Suite, Office 365, and IBM Verse. Every month we release new integrations so you can continue moving forward without a bulky onboarding process.



Our proprietary algorithms are built to support your team as a Personal Assistant (in Beta) to automatically sort all of your documents and communications. No fluff, just working, intelligently.



We only have two goals: improving your business and reducing your headaches. Our customers are proof that we can help your company or your team work smarter, ultimately getting more done!

Be efficient

Whether you are entry-level, a Project Manager, a Team Leader, a Marketing Director, a CEO: don’t worry, Kimonus® was built for the entire team! We conducted more than 100 user interviews to understand how Company Intelligence™ can meet everyone’s needs. Sit back and relax; Kimonus® will provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

Reduce Email 45%
Close more projects 100%
Automate processes 70%
Reduce meetings 35%
Simplify on-boarding 68%

Company Intelligence™

Collaboration is so much more than having meetings. It involves choosing the right methodology, finding team players who are passionate about your vision, and leveraging the right tools. So stop talking about software and start with a new way of working. Your team will love it!

Collaborative Intelligence

Kimonus® is a place where your team comes together to collaborate, everyone can find the right insight, and everyone is happy because boring tasks can be automated.


Manage projects from beginning to end, create templates, and plan and prioritize your team’s work with Kimonus®.


Create automated workflows with our intuitive Modeler, and save up to 80% of your team’s time with repeated tasks.


Kimonus® integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow so you don’t have to stop operations to learn a new tool.


Stay in control of your data. Kimonus® is GDPR-compliant and gives you control of who accesses sensitive information.


Introducing Modeler

The new workflow Modeler helps you to automate repetitive tasks and processes. See how the pieces fit together saving up to 80% of your daily time.


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Not only a tool

If you want to streamline work and make your team happy, sometimes you need more than a “tool.” Most people are familiar with project management tools, but not everyone knows how to manage them. Our experts are ready to help you work smarter using efficient best practices and techniques. Discover how we can work together!


Kimonus US Launch Event 2018

Take a look at our launch event and hear by yourself examples of companies that use Kimonus to streamline their work and improve collaboration!

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