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5 steps to improve collaboration in your company

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Well Done

Collaboration is not just using a good tool but combining things that go from  choosing the right methodology to have team oriented players. So stop talking about software and start with a new way of working. Your team will love it!



We worked hard to integrate Kimonus with other leader vendors like G-Suite, MS Office 365 and IBM Verse. Every month we develop new features and integrations because we’re sure this is the best way to do more with less. Stay tuned!



We use new smart algorithms supporting your team as a Personal Assistant (Beta release) to classify documents and communications. But this framework will do much more. Don’t lose the opportunity to discover this new technology!



We only have two goals: improving your business and reducing your headache. Our customers are the proof that we can help your company or your team working better because we know that technology itself doesn’t fix problems!


UX research for you

You can be a User, a Project Manager, a Team Leader, a Marketing Director, a CEO: don’t worry, Kimonus solves your problems! We did more than 100 analysis to understand how this solution can satisfy everyone’s needs. Enjoy the most intuitive interface ever realized!

We dramatically reduce training time!

We make your team happy!

more time for you

What’s your most common headache? You don’t have time to follow everything: you’re running from taking a flight to picking up the car, you need to finish many task in a short time and fail isn’t allowed. We’re committed to help you organizing information and simplifying processes using technology.

Aligned Team

Finally people can really work together like they’re in a real room. It’s not only about communications or documents: is more about doing projects together. We’re passionate about Project Management techniques and we help you use them to improve your business and results!


Most of Collaboration tools are amazing until you don’t have complex security layers to manage. When you start to grow up or your projects become complicated it’s normal to freak out. Complex access control list, employees turnarounds… That’s what we fixed with Kimonus!


We want to make Kimonus open to give you the opportunity to develop integrations with everything. We know it’s hard to combine standard tools with custom requirements. Our satisfaction is when you can really enjoy a fully integrated platform. Welcome to our connected world!


different industries

You can be part of a startup or a large company, be an architect or a marketing manager, a software developer or a financial advisor. We all need efficient tools to organize data and manage activities!


Best Practices

Strong baselayer

If you really want to simplify your processes and improve your team performances, you need to apply Project Management methodologies. Our experts are ready to help you working better using efficient best practices and techniques. Discover how we can work together!

One of Kimonus' sections.


Your team deserve the best Automation tools. That’s why we introduced a Machine Learning engine that analyzes your communications and connects them with the right project. Your team will love it!


All the features you need

Real-Time reports

Deadlines and alerts

Email integration

Strong Cloud security

Full access

Smart notifications

Fast work

Project templates

All-in-One Communications

Team tasks

Flexible plans

Processes Automation

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